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The Rose Victorian has been sold

485 Main Street, West Dennis

From our President:

Farewell beloved Rose Victorian. May you be blessed with good fortune as new owners enjoy your historic charm and personality. You were an enchanting home and refuge to Captain Calvin, Dr. Osborne, Kathy, DHS and others.

Five years ago we received a most wonderful gift from Kathleen Emily Roche. Pete and Burt designed an operations plan that allowed us to maintain the RV and protect Kathy’s legacy. Our volunteers have cleaned and sorted teacups and teapots, lamps and chandeliers and many other wonderful surprises. The Gift Shop thrived under command of June, Pat, Rebecca, Jean and so many others.

In April, I signed the last document to send you to a new adventure. Kathy’s legacy lives on in a DHS Fund, almost the same in terms of dollars now as when we received it, and we are richer by far because of our stewardship.

As June noted, “Pete and Kathy must be smiling.”

We’re proud of you Rose Vic,