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The Dennis Historical Society has an on-line searchable digital archive containing tens of thousands of images, letters, photos, shop logs and a myriad of other types of historical information. The main categories are shown in the table to the left. This archive has been accessed from around the world, and provides historical researchers a trove of historical material on the places, life and times of Dennis. The DHS Digital Archive is continuously being expanded with new material, and from time to time will have new capabilities introduced.

The DHS Digital Archive is by far the most comprehensive searchable archive of historic information on Cape Cod. It can be searched for a name, ship name or any other historical fact providing the greatest flexibility for the casual user and researcher alike.

These data come from such diverse sources as Town of Dennis historical records, Dennis Historical Society Archives, records (often boxes full) donated or lent by the citizens of Dennis and other towns and items acquired by other gifts or purchase. It is truly a vital yet very extensive body of material. These historical records entwine past Dennis people and events into a historical spider web that extends through numerous documents from many sources, documents that are now but scattered digital and paper files. This searchable database will allow citizens and researchers to gather up these disparate threads and create cohesive historical presences for our knowledge and enjoyment.

This effort is supported by the Town of Dennis Community Preservation Committee.

Collections in DHS Digital Archive
The Firstcomers - 1639 - 1691 Colonization 1690 - 1770
Revolutionary War 1763 - 1815
Expansion 1801 - 1865
Civil War and Reconstruction 1850 - 1877
Modern America 1865 - 1920
World Wars 1914 - 1945
The Newcomers 1945 - Present
Places, People and Events
Schools and Classes
Special Collections
The Age of Sail
Town of Dennis Reports
Undated Items


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Photo Reproduction Orders

There are many photographs in our collection that people may want a copy for their own use. These include family pictures or pictures of a fondly remembered neighborhood.

While low resolution images may be downloaded from the site by knowledgeable users, we are developing plans to allow users to order high quality prints.

We will update this page when these plans are complete. In the meantime, contact us through if you have a specific question.

Donating Items

Dennis Historical Society- south Dennis

Items for the Digital Archive

The Dennis Historical Society gladly accepts donations of historical records, log books, journals and photographs. These can be lent to the Society for digitization and return or donated outright. In either case, we need to complete a simple form that gives us permission to use the material or to accept properly acknowledge your gift.

Physical Items

From time to time families wish to donate family heirlooms to the Society. We are always fully grateful for these offers and recognize their value to Dennis or period history. However, due to our limited space, we evaluate each item for how it best fits to our collections. Should you wish to donate an item to the Society, please contact us at and we will promptly contact you.